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Common causes of car accidents

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Road accidents are among the most common causes of death across the globe. These accidents can are owed to many factors, but most of them are based on human errors whereas a few are premised on natural causes. Either way, there is a need to be cautious of these factors and be vigilant enough to avoid those that are foreseeable. The most common causes of accidents in the world today are elucidated as follows;

Distracted drivingcar accident

Driving requires vigilance, attention, and obedience. The moment any of these conditions are negated then it comprehensible that an accident will occur. Distracted driving has characterized the younger generation of drivers. Most young drivers are more prone to distractions like texting, calling, reading, talking and even eating. In fact, people have been seen recording videos while driving. These are utterly dangerous behaviors that could lead to avoidable accidents which may result in deaths.

Drunk driving

Impaired vision and judgment are prescriptions for horrific accidents. Drunk driving is especially common with the youth, and this fact has translated in the loss of young lives across the globe. Alcohol occasions reckless driving and nonadherence to basic traffic rules. Therefore drivers are encouraged to seek alternative options like taxis and public transport vehicles whenever they are intoxicated.


Drivers are regularly cautioned on the speed at which they should drive on particular highways. Most roads around the globe have a minimum and maximum speed levels for specific roads and therefore it is the responsibility of a driver to observe the limit and drive accordingly. Also, when you are driving at high speed, it is probable that you will have a slower reaction to prevent an accident.


accidentThis is among the few natural causes of road accidents. Heavy rains are more likely to ruin a driver’s vision which is fundamental in driving. The mist and fog that comes with heavy rains are bound to weaken a driver’s vision hence a resultant accident. Further rains create slippery surfaces which are dangerous for trucks, motorcycles, and cars. While braking, such surfaces will make the automobile spin out of control. Drivers are always advised to wait for the weather to clear before they can drive.


Poor roads are a danger to many drivers and more specifically the night drivers. Potholes can cause the driver to lose control or blow a tire, and whatever that will ensue will be out of his hands.